NCTB Class 6 math solution 2023 – chapter 2

Chapter 2 question
Chapter 2 question

Dear class 6 students, I hope all students are well. I have to give you the before chapter 1 Math solution. The solution of the new 2023 class six mathematics book solution. The class 6 mathematics books are not easy to understand by you I hope that the solution of chapter 2 very useful for you. Because the new book of class 6 contains many new chapter include this book. Class 6 math solution will solve the all chapter step by step. Here, I will discuss about the class 6 math chapter 2 solution.

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CHAPTER 1 : The Story of Numbers
CHAPTER 2 : The Story of Two Dimensional Objects
3 CHAPTER : Information Investigation and Analysis
CHAPTER 4 : Trees of Prime Factors
CHAPTER 5 : Measurement of Length
6 CHAPTER : The World of Integers
CHAPTER 7 : The Game of Fractions part 1
The Game of Fractions : part 2
CHAPTER 8: World of Unknown expressions
CHAPTER 9: Linear Equation
10 CHAPTER : Story of Three Dimensional Objects
CHAPTER 11 : Unitary Method, Percentages and Ratio
Chapter 12 : Set the Formula, get the Formula

Class 6 Math solution

The chapter 2 of class six math about Two dimensional objects. When you go to chapter 2 First you can see a picture. The picture is Greek scholar euclid.
Here you can see the discuss about the ancient prriod of geometry. Geometry is an primitive but important branch of mathematics.

Chapter 2 question
Chapter 2 question

About chapter 2

We could measure our garden, house, field because of we know about the geometry. You must be
curious about what is the geometry means? Greece people said that lands
by ‘Geo’ and measurement by ‘ Metron’. This geo and metron are together called geometry. The class 6 students say as Jamiti in Bengali. Now , Students are said that why it necessary?
Many years ago, depending on agriculture all civilization are built . For Agricultural land need to geometry. But nowadays,

Math 1 solution
Chapter 2 math solution
3 number math solution
3 number math solution

Importance of geometry for class 6

Geometry is used not only to measure the lands but also to solve many complicated problems of math. The main usage of geometry is found in ancient Egyptian and then also found Babylonian, Indian, Chinese and South American.
But the good and perfect use of geometry is clearly saw only in Greek Civilization.
Greek wise man Euclid wrote the famous book “Elements” where id organizing the formulas of geometry. Moreover, , Plato, Ptolemy, Archimedes thales, Pythagoras and many more mathematicians contribute in developing the geometry. Class 6 students study about geometry in this chapter.

Math 3 solution
Math 3 solution
3 number math solution

Topics of chapter 2

Main topics are Ray,Point,Segment, face , angle, acute angle, adjacent angle, Right angle etc. The objects of many shapes in the classroom of 6 . Teacher said that, Think about the right reason. Are there any different objects ? Are there many of sides of objects around in different? By the intensive observations just identify the angles and sides

Number 1 math solution
Number 1 math solution
1 number, math solution
1 number, math

Today we are solve to provide you the page number 23 . This post is important for class 6 students and teacher . If you are not done the chapter 2 math of Class 6 . You must need the solution of chapter 2. Then of course this article helpful for you. You can also see
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class 6 all chapter math solve

Dear students Today the age is modern age so, you can get the information in online. Also, you get your math solution in online. So, students search your math solution in online and collect the right answer of chapter 2.

Chapter 2 math solution
Chapter 2 math solution

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Chapter 2 math solve

2 number math
2 number
Math 2 solution
Math 2

I think class 6 is a most important time because up to class 5 is primary level but class 6 is High school level. 2023 year the class 6 math book are totally change. So, be serious about your math solution 2023 book. Curriculum activities are totally change of class 6 that’s why you have to learn more and need to hard working. Otherwise you can not get the good result in math. Math is a Very important subject for class 6. This grade has many different numeric method so, you have to know about the right method. If you don’t know abount the right method you can not understand the class 6 math. Where chapter 2 math is most important for class 6 because here included in geometry.

3 number math solve
3 number

Last Word For Solution

If you think geometry is very easy part, I tell you It’s not right it is a difficult part of class 6 students that’s why you must need the solution of chapter 2. We will provide the solution as per the NCTB book of class 6 . after solution of chapter 2 we will give you the chapter 3 math solution. At last we told you just visit our website and get your solution ever easiest method . Thanks for reading top to bottom article.

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